Codes of Behaviour

Being a member of PRFC you agree to the following;

SPECTATOR/PARENT - Code of Behaviour

▪ Applaud the performance of both teams.

▪ Be positive with the referee

▪ Acknowledge the efforts of the referee.

▪ Let players play their game, not your game

▪ Praise efforts, not results.

▪ Set an example for the players

You will need to have a COVID vaccine certificate to watch your child or attend events 

PLAYER – Code of Behaviour

▪ Play for enjoyment.

▪ Play hard but fair.

▪ Play by the laws of the game.

▪ Be committed to your team. Attend all practices and matches.

▪ Never argue with the referee. Control your temper at all times.

▪ Work equally hard for yourself and your team.

▪ Be a good sport. Applaud all good play whether by your team or your opponent.

▪ Remember the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.

If player is over 12 years 3 months they will need to have a COVID vaccine certificate

COACH - Code of Behaviour

▪ Positively reinforce the actions of players.

▪ Lead by example.

▪ Be honest with yourself and players.

▪ Create an enjoyable environment in which to play the game.

▪ Develop team respect for referees.

▪ Give all players the opportunity to participate.

▪ Insist on fair play and discipline.

▪ Be reasonable on the demands on players time, energy and enthusiasm.

▪ Encourage sportsmanship

You will need to have a COVID vaccine certificate

If you have a complaint please contact the President or Club Captain of Parklands Rugby Club in the first instance.  Please note, no complaints will be looked into unless urgent, till the Monday (if you have a complaint regarding a game on a Saturday - think whether you need to report the matter for this community based volunteer run club).  The complaints will be looking into by Aaron Winder or Matt Stock.  Please refer to our contact page.  Aaron and Matt may then refer to the Union but they need to be the first port of call