​​​​​​​2022 season.

REGISTRATIONS CLOSED for 2022.  Thanks to all those players who have registered.

Parklands Rugby Football Club is a club for the community run entirely by volunteers.  Monies to run the club and to purchase equipment is gained from subs, fundraising, sponsors and grants.

Who can join ?

Recommended age is from 5 years old.  We are a Junior Club so that means we only go up from the U6 teams to the U13 teams.  The age of your child as at 1st January of that year will determine what age group they will be placed ie. If they are 11 years old on 1st January 2022 they will be in the U12 team.  Very few exceptions can be made as it has to be justified as determined by the Union.  Please speak to the club with regards to this.  The teams are also based on weight for the tackle teams - however, please do not be concerned about this.  This is more of a health and safety issue and will be dealt with by the club/Union as/if necessary.

Rippa Rugby/Tackle

The Under 6, 7 teams play Rippa Rugby.  Usually the U8 teams and above play tackle, however in 2022 there are Rippa and Tackle options up to and including the Under 11 teams.  It is anticpated there will also be a dedicated Under 11 and Under 13 team for girls.  Please note if you would prefer one of these teams on your registration form.

Where is PRFC based ?

Training takes place on the fields on Queenspark Drive next to Queenspark School.  The training can be either one or two nights of the week.  The night will be determined by the person whom volunteers to coach the team.

Games are played each Saturday morning - the time, location and whom they play are determined by the Union and they will update the draw on a Tuesday afternoon.  The area will always be in Christchurch and usually in the mornings.

The Club Rooms for PRFC is the Pukeko Centre on Chadbury Street, Parklands.  We will hold registrations, club nights, meetings at our Club Rooms.  When your child pays their subs, you as their parent/guardian become a member of the Pukeko Centre so you are able to purchase alcohol on club nights.  To see the club nights please refer to the calendar once the season starts.

When does the season start ?

The season is determined by the Union.  In 2022 it starts 7th May for grading games.  Registrations for PRFC will start on 1st February and end 31st March so we can put teams together, get coaches, etc.  

The Teams are usually formed early April.  The volunteers who wish to coach will contact the teams.  If you would like to help manage/coach the team, please let us know at one of the Information days or contact Aaron on president@parklandsrugby.co.nz or you can give him a ring on 021754646.

What equipment do I need ?

Your child will need some rugby boots (some donated rugby boots are located in the club shed - these are free - please have a look and take as necessary).  Each year as part of the subs PRFC will issue either a hoodie or a pair of shorts/something else (we alternate hoodies/another item between the years).  If you choose to join on a year shorts are not provided, you can wear any black pair of shorts.  Socks cost $10 a pair if purchased at the club or you can purchase online for a higher price - socks are orange and black.  Your child will be issued with a top to wear for game days on a Saturday which will need to be returned at the end of the season.  For training they can wear any top (don't wear their best as it may get ripped).  If you wish to donate old rugby gear/boots please leave them in the "Free' box in the club shed or in the rugby boots box (laces tied together please).  Club Shed is located on Queenspark School field - your coach/manager can open it for you.  In 2022, each player will be given a pair of black PRFC shorts.  

You can purchase clothing from: https://parklandsrugby.impakt.co.nz/

Please note: Currently socks and beanies are being sold at a cheaper price at our get together on Sunday 10th April and our club nights.  Shorts are being given to players as part of their registration for 2022.

What days will my child be training ?

Besides telling you game day is on a Saturday, I can't help you with that information.  The club is run entirely by volunteers and that includes the coaches.  The coaches will pick a night to train (usually Tuesday/Wed/Thursday) and the time.  If you are unable to make that day and time and there is another team with a different night, the club will try to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee this can happen.  If need be, we can refund your subs if unable to play.  

Please note, you will have to ask your coach whether you are able to drop your child off and leave or to see whether you are to remain on site whilst training is taking place.  The coaches are all volunteers.  They have offered to train your children for rugby.  A lot of coaches do not like to discipline the children/tell them to train when they don't want to, etc, therefore they would like the parents/guardians to remain in situ whilst training is taking place.  Please check.  Our Team tab on our website will have the training time and coaches information/contact details (if they have provided them).

Who is the coach/manager for the team ?

All the coaches, managers are volunteers.  Once a coach has been established they tend to continue to coach if their child wishes to continue to play rugby at PRFC.  

After registrations the President/Club Captains get together to establish the teams.  They tend to keep the same group of kids in the same teams - i.e. if they are going up an year from previous year.  They put friends/family together.  As you can imagine this is an exhausting and hard job along with their full time working roles.  Then they have to allocate those teams to a coach.  The President/Club Captain are very persuasive in getting parents/guardians/even ex-club members to volunteer to coach the children.  It is then a case of the volunteer coach/manager getting in touch with you to let you know about the team.  This is where keeping your information up to date is vital.  If you change your contact details please get in touch.  If you  haven't heard anything (keep an eye on the Facebook page as they'll ask if you haven't heard anything to get in touch).  The coach/manager will set the time and day/s for training at Queenspark School field.

It is raining, is the game/training cancelled ?

Rugby is a winter sport.  Training and games will most probably still take place in the rain however training is a call made by your coach - please check with them.  Games will always be cancelled if the grounds are closed - to check this please refer to Click here https://ccc.govt.nz/rec-and-sport/sports-grounds/closures - type in the field (training takes place at Queenspark) or the game day field.  If the field is closed then no training/game will be played on that field.  The Facebook page will be updated when they realise the field for training is closed however please remember we are all parents/volunteers and need to find the time to check, update website, etc.  Also check the Draw from the Union to check the game is going ahead prior to leaving Click here.

​​​​​​​Subs ?

The subs are for the season (May to August) to be paid when you register. 

Subs are $85 per child.  This pays for: Union Fees, mouthguard, black PRFC shorts, Team photo and End of Year Trophy.

Our bank has changed.  An invoice will be generated to you when you register.  Please make payment to:

Parklands Rugby Football Club

ANZ - 06-0601-0791215-00

Please use the invoice number you have been given or if you cannot find it, please state the FULL NAME of the player you are paying for.

If you are having trouble with payment, we can refer some agencies to you.  We are offering 2 scholarships this season however commitment to attend training and games on a Saturday is part of the conditions.  If you wish to apply for this scholarship please contact Aaron at president@parklandsrugby.co.nz

Registrations to be made online and paid for straight away via the Registrations Tab on this website.  If you would like to organise monthly payments, please email treasurer@parklandsrugby.co.nz 

Need help with fees ?  You can complete a Grant Application form from "Make it happen Charitable Trust" and once you have completed it, email it to jill@makeithappen.kiwi.nz.  Please note, PRFC is NOT GST registered (it asks on the form).

Who is the committee ?

President: Aaron Winder

Secretary/Website/Social Media Co-ordinator: Jane Houghton

Treasurer: Merrin Joseph

Club Captain: Matt Stock and Aaron Winder

Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Mike Walsh and Peter Maguire

Club Night Co-ordinator: Matt Stock and Anna Leach

JAB Delegate: Aaron Winder and Matt Stock

Committee Members: Mark Cameron, Peter Grears and Lana Ward  

Club Patron: Steve Brown and Maurice Lawlor

If you would like to help us - please email, contact us via Facebook or speak to us on Club Night.  We all work, are parents but still volunteer to help run this community based rugby club.

What is a club night ?

Please check the calendar for the dates.   

A club night is a get to-gether for the children and parents.  We are a community based club and encourage all team members and their families to attend.  At club nights we sell; Food, alcohol, soft drinks, lollies (part of our fundraising) as well as socks, extra hoodies, etc - these are also sold via website (https://parklandsrugby.impakt.co.nz/).  We hold meat raffles where meat packs are kindly donated by Fresh Choice.  We ask our Player of the Day and Rooster of the Day (determined after each official game on a Saturday by the coach) to get up on stage and the Rooster is awarded with a Subway voucher thanks to Parklands Subway and the Player of the Day (POD) is issued with a One Good Horse Voucher thanks to OGH in Parklands and a goodie pack.  

Each club night has a duty team.  The club is run entirely by volunteers so we ask each team to help run a club night at some point (please check the calendar).  We'll ask someone to help take the monies/run the lollie table, another to help in the kitchen, another to help sell the meat raffle, another to help watch the kids at the school playground, another to help get the lollie selection together for the duty team and POD's, etc.  Your child as part of the duty team will get up on stage to introduce themselves to the rest of the club and be issued a choice of 2 lollies.  

Playing Regulations

Teams from U13 and below play under the amended NZRU Small Blacks variations.

Have a question that isn't on here ?  Please get in touch with us to ask. Click here

Clothing website: Link to L& A apparel for PRFC gear - https://parklandsrugby.impakt.co.nz/ - please direct all queries to L & A as PRFC have no control over deliveries, etc.

Updated 27/7/22